How many times have you subtly walked past the thermostat and adjusted it to you're preferred temperature without telling your significant other?

When temperatures briefly dipped down into the 70s, I turned off the air conditioning without telling my husband. Let's just say, he wasn't happy when he figured out what I had done and promptly turned it back on. I was equally unhappy with him when I opened the power bill and saw that this summer, he set a new high score thanks to his passion for AC. Considering I spent most evenings trying to keep warm in hoodies and under blankets because our apartment is an igloo, I was less than amused. We're in a constant thermostat war with each other!

Are you in a similar war at your place? Well, if you can't come to a resolution over who should get control of the thermostat or what the perfect temperature is...we'll help you pick an OFFICIAL winner of YOUR thermostat war.

We're teaming up with our friends from Diamond Heating and Cooling to pick a winner. Simply fill out the form below to tell us your Thermostat War story. Don't hold back. You can tell us EXACTLY how you feel!

Throughout the month of October, we'll pick three couples who we think really need help settling this scuffle once and for all. How will we pick our winner? We'll have you join us over Zoom to play a special LITE-FM version of "The Newly Wed" game. Rather than competing against another couple, you'll compete against each other to see which significant other REALLY pays attention to what the other is saying.

The person who gets the most questions about their other half correct will be declared the Thermostat War champion! Not only will they officially get control of the thermostat in their home, our friends from Diamond Heating and Cooling will gift them a $100 Visa Gift Card. If you're the champion, you can spend that on a nice date night together know, to buy your husband more shorts to lounge in while you set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature where you don't feel like a penguin!

Good luck! Once you apply, keep an eye out for an e-mail from Michelle Heart to see if YOU and your other half were selected to join us on Zoom! 

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