It’s our imagination, right? There’s no way that our car had the audacity to flash us the “roads may be icy” warning at the beginning of May.

The sensor goes off any time our vehicle’s exterior thermometer determines that the temperature has dipped below 37º. According to historical data from the National Weather Service, it’s not normal for it to be that chilly on May mornings in Boise. Normal lows range from 43º at the beginning of the month to 51º as June inches closer. But at press time? We’re looking at lows of 37º and 39º for the first two days of May.

But believe us when we say that the weather will warm up…eventually. When it does, it’ll be really hot! In fact, for Boise newbies, our summer’s scorching temperatures catch them off guard. It gets VERY hot here. Over the last five summers, the average number of days at or above 100º is 14. Sometimes the streak of triple digit days has lasted nine days with no relief in sight. (But hey, at least it’s a dry heat!)

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On days like that, you want to spend any time you can around water. There’s plenty of options close to home: floating the Boise River, Roaring Springs, public pools and more than a dozen free splash pads. But if you find yourself up for an adventure and don’t mind taking a short road trip, some of Idaho’s most beautiful watering holes are waiting for you!

Image Via YouTube/The Adventures of John & Chad
Image Via YouTube/The Adventures of John & Chad

Less than two hours from Boise, you’ll find water so blue and so clear that it looks like the Caribbean. It’s so stunning that you may forget that you’re in the Gem State, until you get in the water. While the water may look warm, the “blue lakes” in Southern Idaho are notoriously cold. That’s why they’re a more popular destination for kayaking and paddle boarding than swimming or snorkeling.

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With a little help from Southern Idaho Tourism, we were able to map out just how far three of the most popular “blue lakes” are from the Treasure Valley. YouTube’s also peppered with gorgeous, helpful videos full of helpful tips for your trip.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

If You Go: Please remember that no one in Idaho “owns” these bodies of water. They’re NOT on private property and the State of Idaho actively invites people to check them out through state run tourism websites. Every Idahoan should have an equal opportunity to be outside, get active and enjoy the state's natural beauty.

Be good stewards of the land, practice the principles of “Leave No Trace” and leave the area better than you found it. Also, be respectful of those around you so that everyone can have a good experience. It’s the Idaho way!

Oh…and remember money for parking if you don’t have an Idaho State Parks Passport. Happy trails!

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YouTube Videos of Visits to Idaho's Blue Lakes

Blue Heart Springs

Box Canyon State Park

Ritter Island State Park

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