Every now and then, we check in with some of our new neighbors. You know, the folks that weren’t born in the Treasure Valley but for one reason or another, found themselves living here. 

The longer you live here, the more you giggle when you see their answers to the question “What surprised you the most during your first year living in Boise?” A significant number of answers have to do with the weather. Maybe it’s the view of the snow capped foothills that major sports networks like ESPN and CBS Sports likes to show during late season Boise State games or the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl but it seems like many newbies expect Boise to be pretty snow covered, frigid in the winter and cool in the summer. That’s um…not what happens here. Yes, Boise gets snow but our average snowfall per season is about 18 inches. That’s 10 LESS than the national average. 

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On the flip side, new Boise residents are equally surprised by how hot summer can get here. Newsflash. Boise’s in the high desert. According to the National Weather Service, our average annual temperature is 5º higher than cities at the same latitude east of the Rocky Mountains. It does get VERY hot here. Over the last five summers, the average number of days at 100º or higher is 14. That run includes the record setting 27 100º+ days in 2022. Sometimes that heat has lasted nine days in a row. (But hey, at least it's a dry heat.)

Summer in Boise can be wild. Just look at some of these summer temperature records and factoids: 

Boise's Summer Weather Extremes

According to the National Weather Service, these are just a few of Boise's most oppressive and chilliest temperatures on record during meteorological summer.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

How Accurate Was the Farmer’s Almanac in 2023?


Spring officially arrived in Boise on Tuesday, March 19. The first few days look stellar, but we’re already dreaming of summer arriving in 90ish days. Last Summer, the Farmer’s Almanac called for “average temperatures and dry conditions” for the Pacific Northwest during meteorological summer (June 1-August 31.)

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High temperatures in June and August were really close to normal, but in July was about 4.8º warmer than normal. As far as “dry conditions?” June was fairly normal as far as precipitation. We only recorded a trace of precipitation in July. But August? It was unusually wet. Boise got 2.79” of rain, when we normally only see .17” in August. 

What Does the Farmer’s Almanac Predict for Boise’s Summer in 2024?


The cute nickname they gave their national summer forecast this year is “Summer Soaker Ahead.” Nationwide, we’re expected to see the highest temperatures ever and plenty of storms and muggy weather in most of the nation. 

The one exception? The Pacific Northwest! Idaho’s in this region of their forecast and they’ve labeled us “seasonable temps, dry” for 2024. They also included long range forecasts for Father's Day and Fourth of July. They expect considerable cloud cover on June 16 for Father’s Day. The Fourth of July looks great! That forecast calls for fair skies and generally pleasant conditions. 

We’ll take it! What do average summer high temperatures for Boise look like? Here’s what you can expect. 

  • June: 81.4º
  • July: 92.7º
  • August: 90.7º

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