Raise your hand if you think April Fools Day 2020 needs to be canceled. Between a pandemic and and Earthquake, the entire year has felt like a terrible joke already!

With everything 2020 has put us through in the last few weeks, I'm kind of shocked that so many of you still have your sense of humor intact. We've seen some great pranks through social media this morning, most of which have been played on your kids! Some of your woke kids up early this morning and told them you received an e-mail from their school saying class is back in session. You got them showered, dressed and then threw a big old "April Fools" at them. The reaction photos you shared were fantastic.

Others of you showed them a photoshopped image of Governor Little at the podium, "signing" an executive order requiring all students K-12 to repeat their current grade level due to missing so many days because of the coronavirus pandemic. Something tells us that your high school senior didn't find that one so funny.

Your pranks have been great and put us in the April Fool's spirit enough to dig this video out of our archives.

Many of you know that I used to work for our sister station, 103.5 KISS FM.  Working there was like being in a constant prank war, so I'm not surprised that Lucky and Nathan came up with something this awful to do to me.  Check out this fun "Flashback Friday" video of them almost giving me a heart attack.

Some background information before you watch: The station used to have a different frequency and I was engaged to another man years ago.  The wedding they're talking about is NOT the one that Nate and I actually went through with in 2018.

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