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When I was growing up my hometown had a Hallmark Showcase just a few miles from our house. I'm fairly sure that it was my mom's favorite place in the world because I feel like my sister and I spent a great deal of our childhood there. When you're little kids in a store full of breakable things how do you pass the time? Play with all of the Beanie Babies and then make it a mission to smell EVERY CANDLE that Hallmark carries.

You might be thinking "Heck, I still do that even as an adult!" If that's the case, then I've found your dream job. Our friend Dayne and his team at Wishlisted are frantically looking for fall candle testers! Yes, that's a real job title.

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If you're the person constantly making your office smell like for pumpkin spice or apple pie with the candles you have sitting on your desk, you're the perfect candidate for the gig. If selected, Wishlisted will send you some of the season's top scents from carious brands for you to test out. The candles come at no cost to you and you get to keep them.

The only thing they ask is for your honest feedback about the candles. Does it really smell like a PSL or does it smell like that cup of coffee you forgot in the kids' playroom a week ago? Is the retail price of the candle a bargain or would you never pay that much for a candle?

Candle testers get a sign-on bonus in the form of a $50 Starbucks gift card (for PSLs, of course) and a blanket to cozy up in while you're enjoying the scents in your living room!

Even better? In addition to the free candles and your sign-on bonus, Wishlisted will pay you $250 for taking the time to send in your feedback!

Apply HERE through October 14!


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