The countdown to Decision 2020 is on! One donut shop wants you to celebrate taking part in one of the most controversial elections of all time by treating you to something sweet. 

After months of political attack ads, friends and family bickering on social media and watching debates and rallies that make you want to use the Michael Jackson "just here for the comments" meme, it all comes to a head on November 3. Whether you're heading to the polls to vote in person on Election Day or you've already dropped your absentee ballot in the mail, Krispy Kreme on Eagle Road wants you to celebrate "DOUGHmocracy" with a FREE glazed donut!

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Simply stop in, grab your donut while supplies last. No purchase necessary! They'll even have some of those "I Voted" stickers for those who voted by mail and feel cheated that they didn't get one as they announced "their name" has voted when dropping their envelope in the mailbox.

Can't wait until Election Day to enjoy that Krispy Kreme goodness? They have one more "Sweet or Treat" Saturday left on Halloween. Wear your costume into Krispy Kreme on Saturday and get a FREE donut. They're offering an opportunity for you to grab a dozen donuts for $1 when you purchase a dozen!

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