Why, oh why does my husband already have a membership to a car wash?! This would've been the perfect followup prank to my epic weekend prank! 

My husband is terrified of...well, just about anything you'd see in a horror movie or a show like American Horror Story. The one thing that seems to terrify him the most? Creepy clowns. He was THAT guy making a scene in the theater when we went to see the first of the newest It remakes.

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Ever since I told my friend who's a gifted wreath maker that story, she's wanted to make us a wreath with Pennywise in the middle of it. Ultimately, the goal was to hang it up while he was least expecting it and scare the crap out of him when he got home. I FINALLY had that window of opportunity on Saturday before the Great Harvest Festival at Indian Creek Plaza. I was told to not come home. The locks had been changed. The bank account was empty. My cat had disowned me. (He was kidding of course.) The prank, worked like a charm!

I would love to pull off a do over this week at Sure Clean Car Wash on State Street in Boise! They're entire car wash is full of creepy clowns with knives and fake blood and all kinds of Halloween fun! They've transformed their car wash into a haunted car wash that's up and running nightly from now through Friday, 7-10 p.m.

The cost per car is $16 and from their trailer video, it looks like you're going to come out of the experience scared but squeaky clean!

This is the second Haunted Car Wash experience we've heard about in Boise. Read more about the other HERE!

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