Both the CDC and local health districts have put out their guidelines for celebrating Halloween this weekend. While trick-or-treat and trunk-or-treat events are considered "high risk" activities this year, many of you have expressed that you'll take part in them anyway. 

If you do so, Central District Health recommends sticking to neighborhoods where you know it will be easy to keep a physical of six feet from your family and the next group. Eating candy between homes is discouraged. It's better to wait until you get home and make sure that everyone washes their hands properly. Masks (like the ones we've been wearing for months, not costume masks) should be worn while trick-or-treating or handing out treats. You know the drill by this point, but if you want even more COVID-19 Halloween safety protocols you can click HERE. 

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Now that you know best practices and are buying the candy for the kids coming to your door, do yourself a favor and skip buying any of these treats to pass out! We conducted a social media poll asking Boise kids of all ages which treats they'd be disappointed to find in their treat bags at the end of the evenings.

The following treats are overwhelmingly the least favorite Halloween treats in the Treasure Valley!

5 Treats No Boise Kids Want in Their Halloween Bags

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