A trip to the pumpkin patch is one of those things that your kids will remember forever. 

Seriously, I'll remember one trip my sister and I took with our mom to the pumpkin patch for the rest of my life.  We picked out some pre-painted pumpkins and at the age of 6, I became really attached to mine.  It had a silly face with a big nose painted on it and I decided to name him "Pumpky."  When he eventually started to rot I was devastated that my parents could just throw away my pumpkin "friend."

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To make me stop crying, my parents came up with a quick fib and told me they'd take Pumpky to the grocery store and have him made into a pie for us. As a six year old who REALLY loved pumpkin pie, this seemed like an acceptable solution at the time.

...and for ten years, I truly believed that the pie my parents brought home the next day was Pumpky. It wasn't until I had a drivers license and started making my own trips to the grocery store that it struck me that there's no way a bakery would accept a rotting pumpkin to turn into pie. Talk about a health code violation!

It's a hilarious story to tell people and like I said, I'll never forget that trip! Want to make some of those memories with your child? Here are five great pumpkin patch options in or around Boise!

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