I love it when a community comes together.

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Over the weekend, there was an awesome event where doctors and providers in Kuna wanted to give back to their patients and to the community — the first annual Kuna BE WELL Spring Fling. So, put it in your calendars, they plan on growing and doing this every year.

I interviewed Linda from Kuna Smiles who was helping spearhead the event, and she said...

“Three of the businesses in this part of Kuna (Kuna Smiles, Current Physical Therapy, and Kuna Healthcare & Med Spa), off of Linder and Deer Flat, have only been in business for less than one year now, and all four of the businesses in our building (including Eyecare Associates of Kuna) agreed we wanted to host a big event to give back to our patients who have helped us grow and to say thank you to the community of Kuna for welcoming us with open arms.”

At the event, there was FREE FOOD and...

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Well, you had me at free food, but there was also a ton of huge prize giveaways including swag, restaurant gift cards, window cleaning, hot power wash driveway cleaning, dog bathing/grooming, Nike sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses, and of course, we were out there with tickets to the Boise Music Festival!

The Kuna Firefighters showed up at the event in their big rig, and there were games, puppies to play with, face painting by the Kuna High Dental Assistant Students, and a football throwing game with the Kuna High Footballers.

What I thought was super awesome, is when they were planning what giveaways they wanted to do, they were first considering how they could support other local businesses. So, all of the prizes that were given away were in support of other local businesses!

Way to go! We look forward to next year :)

An Awesome Event That Went Down in Kuna This Weekend!

The First Annual Kuna BE WELL Spring Fling — where doctors/providers gave back to their patients and the community with free food and lots of HUGE giveaways.

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