The Emmett Cherry Festival is Underway
If you love a festival with food as the focus, so do we! They've been celebrating the greatness of the cherry in Emmett for 85 years, and this is the weekend for the carnival, music, and more.
5 Fun Things To Do in Boise Today
Wanna go on a scavenger hunt? Or work in some exercise that combines faith and fitness? There are unique and fun things happening in Boise today that you may not know about.
Winefest Hits Boise This Friday
This will be the 21st year for Winefest on Basque Block, and it gets bigger each year. And if you don't know what a Tempranillo wine is right now, you will be sure of it by the time the festival is over.
‘Thoughts and Prayers’ are better with action
In the wake of any tragic event, it seems pretty instinctive for people to say they're sending "thoughts and prayers" to victims. But as some of the survivors of the recent Florida school shooting eluded to, that's not cuttin' it anymore. It's time to do more.
The Top 10 Events This Weekend
It's a long holiday weekend and the Treasure Valley is jam-packed with fun things to do. Sports, nature, hot air balloons, farmers' market visits, even TV viewing parties are all part of the Top 10 events in our area.
Boise Top 10 Weekend Events
The kiddos may be back in school, but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of great things going on in the Treasure Valley. A few are staples of summertime, and others are things you may not yet have considered, but here's what we feel are the Top 10 Things you might want to consider…
Boise Top 10 Weekend Events
Living in the Treasure Valley means tons of things to discover and take part in every weekend. Beyond our incredible parks and outdoor experiences, here's a list of The Top 10 Things you might want to consider being a part of this weekend.
This Song by The Band Perry Will Make You Live Better
This is one of those songs that hits you right in the heart and makes you hug your kids a little tighter and think about all the times you didn't smile at the checkout lady.  It's good!
And don't miss The Band Perry playing it Saturday at the Boise Music Festival.
Kids Expo Was Awesome!
LITE-FM wants to say a big "thank you" if you were part of the Canyon County Kids Expo on Saturday.  Our LITE-FM Coloring Tent was packed and we loved seeing the creativity.

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