I mean maybe I should be flattered that 228,000 people got back together and decided to prank me, but to be honest. I'm still a little salty about the fact that no one told me this.

If you happened to catch this show this morning, you may have missed me busting our new Saturday talent, Marco, on telling every single person who's interviewed for a job with our company in the past three months my ONE of my embarrassing Zoo Boise stories.  I'll fill you in on the short version. I was new to Boise about a decade ago and because I didn't know anyone, I'd go for long runs on the Greenbelt after work.  One day, that run took me through Julia Davis Park where I saw a few giraffe's heads near trees just a stone's throw away from the path. I got on the radio next morning and started talking about how Boise was SO COOL because it has giraffes running wild through our parks.

And my co-host at the time just stared at me in utter disbelief that those words left my mouth. That's when he informed me that I ran past the zoo. The zoo is in the park. I saw the giraffe enclosure. I had never felt so dumb in my entire life.

Until about seven years later when KTVB rocked my world. At the time, I was on one of our sister stations and my back was turned to the TV, so every year on Groundhog's Day I would hear Maggie and Doug talk about how Boise was more into Boise Bill's weather prediction. The Treasure Valley thought this rodent's predictions were far more accurate than Punxsutawney Phil's.  Makes sense, considering Phil lives on the other side of the country.

Every year I would hear them reveal Boise Bill, the prairie dog's, prediction but by the time I turned around they'd move on to the next story.  I never got to see the little guy, until 2017 when my co-host was out with a sick kid. All of a sudden this image came up on the screen and I was absolutely flabbergasted.


All these years, I thought he was one of the prairie dogs at the zoo that had a plush, VIP enclosure somewhere. No, he didn't have a plush living quarters. He actually was a plush. I had an existential crisis on the air moments later.

How did I not know?! Am I the only one I didn't know?! I'm so embarrassed...again.

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