Zoo Boise just announced the arrival of their newest family member Thursday afternoon. Zoo Boise posted to their Facebook page that they are welcoming Akasha, an 11-year-old female Amur tiger, who arrived in Boise on May 6th. According to ConserveWildcats.org, Amur tigers are some of the largest cats in the world. The site says that female Amur tigers can weigh between 110 and 130 kilograms (242 and 286 lbs).

“This is an incredible opportunity for Zoo Boise to welcome an animal into our family and take great care of her while advancing our conservation mission,” Zoo Boise Director Gene Peacock said in the zoo’s Facebook post.

Zoo Boise appears to be letting Akasha acclimate to her new surroundings on her own terms. In the post, Zoo Boise says that when visitors go see Akasha, she will have access to both her indoor habitat and her outdoor habitat. So if you do go to see Akasha and she’s not visible, she could still be getting used to her new home.

According to ConserveWildcats.org, Amur tigers actually live longer in captivity. Boise will be welcoming one of the few Amur tigers left as there is only an estimated 500 – 550 remaining in the world. At one point, the Amur tiger was on the brink of extinction with less than 50 remaining back in the 1940’s due to hunting and poaching.

While you make your plans to see Akasha at Zoo Boise summer, check out the Zoo Boise Youth Camps that are starting up in June to keep your kids busy!

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