One of the best parts of this job is how much time we're encouraged to spend on the internet. No, really. A lot of jobs will reprimand you for browsing Facebook or Instagram but with this job? Shoot - social media can be a gold mine of content to share with the people of Boise. You know, the hard-hitting knows that matters - "news you can use" if you will.

In my search for something to share with you, I came across quite possibly one of the greatest Instagram accounts of all time.

Or is it the most terrifying...?

Believe it or not - there is an Instagram account that reveals who is truly running the streets of Boise. Some might find this funny while others may find this absolutely terrifying.

Flocks of highly-intelligent geese are roaming and conquering the streets of Boise. Don't believe me? Just check out this photo of a human being forced to hand over "their cut" to this geese capo:

The account is called @GeeseOfBoiseState and it gets worse. This account also shows geese literally marking their territory and counting on violence to protect their turf:

The Instagram account only has 1,227 followers but perhaps this is currently... by design? I recently broke the news to you that birds may in fact, not be real and are actually government drones. This account could either reinforce the idea that the CIA is the hivemind over our feathered friends or it could, in fact, prove that geese are the true rulers over the Treasure Valley.

Boise's Notorious Geese

We would like to thank our good friends over at "Geese of Boise State" for allowing us to get the word out about the notorious geese here in the Treasure Valley. While these geese may look innocent, they're slowing taking over our cities and everybody knows it. Who let these geese in and why do they think that they can be the boss of us? Something must be done. Here are some glimpses at what you can expect to see of these geese on Boise State's Campus and around Boise as a whole.

We have exclusive goose video footage below, as well.

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