Cute Or Creepy: Face Swap
I took my son on a trip to Portland this weekend, and as we were on the plane, three different people told us "you guys look so alike."  So, we decided to do a little test.
The Truth About Urinals
This was too funny and too honest to pass on sharing.  Ladies, this is the truth about the rules in the restroom.  Guys, if you aren't up on the code, this can be your tune up.
Hi 911? Yes, We Have Drugs
Honesty is the best policy right?  Most times that would be true, but for two guys from Las Vegas who were bringing marijuana into Idaho, their honesty (and paranoia) got them busted.
#TBT: "Great" Family Photos
Throw Back Thursday pic time.  Those beautiful "Olan Mills style" family portraits. Thank you mom for the amazing varieties of sweaters. ‪#‎80s‬ ‪#‎family‬

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