Gaming today is a lot different than it was back then. A lot of people considered gaming to be casino games and a classic machine that would draw a crowd to any skilled player - the pinball machine.

There are two games for sale in Utah that your parents might not let you play...

In looking through interesting items for sale, we came across an interesting pair of machines that are for sale on Salt Lake City's Craigslist. As we all know, Salt Lake isn't that far and if you're willing to make the drive (and have the cash), you could own two historic pieces of American pop culture in the form of pinball machines.

The thing is, if you played these as a child, your parents might blush at the idea of you playing a game that has you slanging balls over scantily clad women.

We even found a third machine that brings back the nostalgia albeit in a more "family-friendly" way...

We Found Two Games For Sale In Utah That Will 100% Make You Blush

Check out the two arcade games that we found that will make you blush and one that will bring out that "Chuck-E-Cheese level" of nostalgia...

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