If you've ever had a night out in downtown Boise, chances are you've used a ride-service to get to and from your favorite watering hole. So who's Boise's favorite?

Uber says that over 60,000 Boisians have taken an Uber ride in the past three months, including riders from almost 60 different countries. So where is everyone going?

The Cactus Bar downtown.

A dive bar (I mean that in the highest regard) to end all dive bars, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't been to the Catcus on Main at least once or ten times. You tell an Uber driver to take you to the Cactus,  odds are they don't even need to look at their GPS.

The rest of Boise's most popular destinations are as follows (minus the Boise airport):

  • The Grove Hotel
  • Silly Birch
  • Barbacoa
  • Humpin' Hannah's

You can get the full list here from our pal Michael Deeds.


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