Hmm, it seems like just days ago we wondering how Boise got left off the list of cities receiving a movie theater screening of the Breaking Bad movie when its star grew up here. 

El Camino picks up sometime after the events of the Breaking Bad series finale.  The last time we saw Aaron Paul's character, Jesse Pinkman, he was escaping the White Supremacist Compound where he was held hostage and forced to cook meth for his captors. His getaway car was an El Camino. 

The movie is scheduled for an October 11 release on Netflix and a limited theatrical release in about 68 cities the same weekend.  If you visit the movie's official website to find tickets you get the message "We searched Boise for you and there aren't any showtimes there yet. Try another location." The closest showing listed takes place at Ketchum's Magic Lantern Cinemas that Friday.

I scratched my head when I saw it listed.  Paul screened "Ozymandias," the second to last episode of the AMC drama at the Egyptian Theater in Downtown Boise hours before the rest of America got to see it on TV. Three years later, he premiered his new movie Triple 9 there and spent time taking selfies with fans on the red carpet before the movie. We were lucky enough to be there for both of those premieres, so something told me that Paul was probably working on something special for his hometown behind the scenes.  Ketchum really couldn't be the ONLY place in Idaho to have El Camino on the big screen.

And then the news came in the form of this tweet:

I was right! Not only is Boise getting a big screen showing of the Netflix movie, we're getting to see it before anyone else...and unfortunately, that's all we know right now.

In the past, he's hidden tickets to his screenings around Downtown Boise and led fans on a scavenger hunt via his social media accounts.  So until we know more (you know, when we press his mom who works with us for the full 411) your best bet is to make sure you're following the Treasure Valley native on Twitter and Instagram!

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