It's here! The definitive list of everything coming to Netflix in October 2019 is making its way around social media. Next month, the Treasure Valley is REALLY excited about one Netflix Original Movie on the list.

When AMC's Breaking Bad came to a dramatic close in September 2013, fans hoped that the series finale wouldn't be the last time they saw the Treasure Valley's own Aaron Paul in the role of Jesse Pinkman. Rumors of a Breaking Bad movie started almost immediately after the "Felina" episode aired and a lot of people believed that it would be the big reveal that he and Breaking Bad co-star Bryan Cranston would make together in early July. Turns out the reveal was the introduction of Dos Hombres, an artesanal Mezcal, that they dreamed up over sushi one evening in New York City. Then San Diego Comic Con came and went without a Breaking Bad announcement. (Paul did participate in a Westworld panel there ahead of joining the cast for Season 3.)

It wasn't until late August that we found out that not only was the Breaking Bad movie real, it was done and coming to our living rooms in October.  Titled El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, the story picks up with the events following the series finale where Pinkman escaped his captors in an El Camino. The movie comes to Netflix on October 11.

But if it's a movie, it really does deserve a chance to be seen on the big screen, right? Right! That's why El Camino will be getting a limited theatrical release October 11-13. It's consistent with a tradition that creator Vince Gilligan had with each season premiere for Breaking Bad. They'd screen the premiere for a limited number of fans at a movie theater each season.

According to People Magazine, only 68 cities in America will get one of the El Camino screenings and we kid of assumed that as Paul's hometown, Boise would make the list. Somehow, we didn't make the cut! We're totally bummed, but there is some good news. If you'd LOVE an excuse to get out of the Treasure Valley for a weekend, Ketchum's Magic Lantern Cinemas is listed for a Friday, October 11 screening. The exact show time hasn't been released quite yet, but you'll be able to find ticket information HERE once it is finalized!

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