LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. 

This morning, we had a mother-daughter team earn their jingle bells as Christmas Wish elves. Analeese is friends with Teresa's teenage son and has been heartbroken watching Teresa try to battle back from a year that's just throwing one thing at her after another. She thought she needed an adult's help to make something good happen for Teresa, so she asked her mom, Peggy, to nominate her as well.

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Both of these ladies let us know that Teresa's really trying to get her life back in order but 2020's handed this single mom job loss, taken away her car, sent her son to Utah for medical care all while she's trying to take care of a major issue in her home. Something is very wrong with the pipes on her kitchen sink. She tried to fix them herself because there's just enough money to call in the professionals to help. At one point, she was washing her dishes in the bathtub just so the family had clean plates to eat off of.

She's expressed to Peggy that things are exceptionally tough this year and it's been really hard to prioritize things that need to be done around the home while trying to pull off Christmas for her four sons. Peggy and Analeese are both sensing that Teresa feels like the world's given up on her.

That couldn't be further from the truth! We shared her story with Brian at All Star Plumbing in Boise and not only did he volunteer to have his team get that sink working again, but said they'd take care of Christmas for Teresa this year.

It was a really special moment because Marco and the All Star Plumbing elves caught her on her birthday! (Click play to hear the surprise!)


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