We're grown adults. We like to believe that we have a sense of humor more sophisticated than laughing at fart jokes. Then we see a list like this and can't resist bursting out in fit of giggles. 

Turns out deep down, we're just overgrown fifth graders. Idaho is full of places with zany names: Cabinet (Bonner County), Headquarters (Clearwater County), Santa (Benewah County), Culdesac (Nez Perce County), Squirrel (Fremont County) and Good Grief (Boundary County) are all good examples of town names that make you scratch your head and chuckle.

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But the locations on this name, may make you blush before they make you laugh. We rounded up the names of some of the "dirtiest sounding names in Idaho." Some of them are actually dirty-dirty. Others are raunchy-dirty.

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How many of these places are you familiar with?

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