Last week, I shared the story behind the beautiful but tragically rundown home at 805 W. Linden in Southeast Boise. Turns out a lot of you have had the chance to take a peek inside Boise's infamous "murder house."

Here's some of the real stories that Treasure Valley residents have shared their experiences in the comments section on Facebook on three previous posts of my story.  I don't know about you, but Dan's makes me want to find alternate routes to completely avoid this house all together.  It really DOES sound like something out of American Horror Story!

Also an item of note...we never noticed this before, but if you look at the Google Street View image above, people were actually casually spending time on the patio of the "murder house" when the image was taken in August 2015.

Dan D.

"We were upstairs in one of the side bedrooms when we heard someone walk up the stairs. Didn't think much of it, thought it was the roommate. But then we heard it again and we never heard anyone go downstairs. So me and my friend "B" went to check it out. We thought it was someone breaking into the house. We check everything out and don't see anyone so we go and stand on the porch to let whoever was there know we're watching if he comes back.

It was late, maybe midnight and I kept seeing shadows out of the corners of my eyes. I just thought I was tired until B asked me if I was seeing this stuff too. We figured out we weren't looking for a person. I step out into the front yard and look up into the main bedroom upstairs. In the window is a big black oily looking thing. I doubt what I'm seeing until it moves back towards the dresser, stops, goes to the door and disappeared.

I see a mirror sitting next to the door on the porch and it catches my attention for some random reason. I'm looking in the mirror and see a ball of oily blackness coming down the pillar.  Of course I'm still doubting myself until the little ball gets huge, it takes up the whole reflection of the mirror and the thing goes through me. It was the weirdest, most disturbing thing I've ever felt and just typing this makes me feel it again. It's like ice fingers sinking into my shoulders. Being the tough guys that we were we ran down to the Chevron and called our other friends in the house to tell them to get the car keys and get the out. I never went back to that house but B continued to live there for awhile longer. Feel free to doubt me and call me crazy, I don't care."

Lacie Oliver

"When I was a teen in around 1999, my old best friends dad owned it and rented it out to college kids. Over that summer me and my friend had to clean out the house after some tenants moved out and we also did yard work. We worked there for about a week. Nothing weird ever happened when I was inside but I didn't want to go near the basement. I didn't feel like it was haunted. One time me and my friend tried to scare some people that walked past by shaking the blinds and screaming."

Shellie Ayers

"I lived there in the early 90s with my grandma and cousins. Never heard or saw anything strange. It is a very beautiful home structurally and with a little love could be restored to show that. It is a huge on the inside. Entry way is large, large dining and living area. Office and kitchen on lower level. 4-5 bedrooms and a bathroom and another kitchen upstairs!!"

Joe Weatherman

"I lived in the upstairs for about 2 semesters while I attended BSU about 12 years ago. We had a bunch of friends living with us. Often times with all the foot traffic we would spill out onto the front porch. In the summer we made a fire pit out front and would have people sitting around the campfire until very early in the morning the next day. I'm sure that's were the furternity comes up.The basement was creepy and had a weird feel. We would take people down there to scare them. We had heard the same story. I never saw any ghosts but you could tell something wasn't right. It was a fun place to stay for a bit."

Jodi Imel

"I live in the area and drive by it a lot. I always look at the windows to see if I see any ghosts or spirits looking back at me haha. The house gives me the creeps too."

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