We never thought we'd be disgruntled about seeing 55º in the forecast in February, but to be honest we're feeling a little gipped this winter! 

Don't get us wrong, it's not like we're asking Mother Nature to "gift" us another winter like Snowpocalypse 2016-2017 but we would like to enjoy just a little bit of the white stuff down here on the valley floor.

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Honestly, did you really think that November 8 would be the last significant snowfall we'd have this winter? That day, Boise got a record 2.7 inches of snow, far eclipsing the old record of .4 inches set in 2000. Since then, there hasn't been much snowfall in Boise. It seems like anytime we get some pretty snowflakes, it warms up later in the day and turns to rain!

In McCall? It's a very different situation! Last Wednesday and Thursday, they received 25.5 inches of snow. That's the most January snowfall in a 48 hour period since since 1971. Ironically, the winter wonderland conditions hit the small resort town just days before what would've been the opening weekend of McCall Winter Carnival 2021 if it hadn't been canceled in the interest of public health.

Even without the snow sculptures and parades, McCall is still a charming destination for a February getaway for those of us who actually want to experience snow this year! If you've been thinking about making the trip, here are some adorable lodging options!

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