Recently, I have found myself enjoying a cider on a hot day rather than a cold beer. Maybe I was never really into the taste of beer, or perhaps it just reminded me too much of when I was young and dumb. Cider, for some reason, feels more sophisticated. I've recently learned that there is more to cider than Angry Orchard. In fact, some ciders are made right here in Idaho that are better than the national brands. The next time you decide that you're going to try a cider, try one of these:

Meriwether Cider Company
The Meriwether story is excellent. An actual family business started by two college professors and their firefighter daughters. Their apples are sourced from the Northwest, and they genuinely care about the quality ingredients that go into their product. Meriwether is by far the largest cidery in the state. They have five ciders with seasonal ciders throughout the year. They also produce ciders to help raise money for good causes around the state. Meriwether's base flavors are Foothills, Strong Arm, Blackberry Boom, Ginger Root, and Hop Shot.

North Idaho Cider
North Idaho Cider is brewed in Couer D'Alene. They pride themselves on using Northwest fruits, and they now have their own tasting room at Mad Bomber Brewing in Hayden. Their most popular flavors are Fuzzy Navel, Berry Eclipse, and Pineapple Habanero.

Edge Brewing Company
Edge Brewing is better known for their IPA's and craft beers, but they also brew a pretty good cider. Their Huckleberry Cider is made from Idaho huckleberries and Washington apples. They also have a WildFire Cinnamon and Habanero Cider.

Summit Cider
Summit Cider is made in Coeur d'Alene and features four year-round ciders: Yard Sale, Uncrushable, Corduroy, and Sundance. In the summer, they also have a raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry cider called Blue Balls.

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