Look ahead at the October weather it's going to continue to provide us with some beautiful fall days. So, why not get out and continue to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and changing colors of the leaves while sipping on some great local wine.

As my wife and I continue to find new things to do and new places to go my wife stumbled upon an article from Food & Wine Magazine and it had nothing but great things to say about Idaho Wineries "Summer's diurnal swings - hot days and long cool nights - are Idaho's secret ingredient". My wife and I love going to wineries especially if they have scenery, live music, and something to munch on.

With this article from Food & Wine Magazine we discovered the Snake River Valley Sunnyslope Wine Trail. You may already know about this, and if you do you may have some recommendations or happen to know the best days to go.

With over thirteen stops along the wine trail you can't possibly knock them all out in one day, which makes this such a great opportunity for a newcomer to get to see different parts of the Treasure Valley.

With wine being a must have in our home at all times, I can't wait to stock up on some local favorite for when family and friends come to visit. The wine trail and the abundance of wineries in the area also makes for a great opportunity to visit with friends and family. The different wineries offer classes, dinners, concerts, and yoga. You'll just need to find your winery and stay up to date.

Check Out These Wineries This Fall

We have so many great wineries throughout the Treasure Valley and with warmer weather continuing into October why not get our and enjoy!

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