National Drink Wine Day is certainly a day to celebrate in Idaho. As far as the origin of wine National Today says, "While we know humans have been making wine for thousands of years, no one is certain who was the first to ferment grapes into the beverage we now call wine. Evidence of ancient wine production has been found in China, the Middle East, and Greece, so it appears many different cultures discovered the process at nearly the same time. The oldest known winery was found in a cave in Armenia, and is over 4,000 years old — The vinters there were using a grape still used to make wine today!"

Ready for an interesting Idaho wine fact? According to 27/4 Wall St and a recent listing of Strangest Little Facts About Each State, Idaho drinks more wine per capita than any other state in the country. We sure do love our wine.

According to We have over 70 wineries in the gem state. In the state of Idaho there are about 160,000 cases of wine produced annually. Over $200 million is generated or circulated through the wine industry in our state. Wowzah, I knew wine was big business but I dint realize quite that big.

Idaho is quite the luscious wine state and the wine culture and economy has been steadily growing for decades. "Idaho has an outstanding climate and in parts, Idaho soil is rich with volcanic ash and perfect for grape growers. Currently Idaho has over 60 wineries and 1,300 acres of vineyards. Some of the first grapes planted in the Pacific Northwest were in Lewiston in the 1860s." Now the Idaho wine industry is thriving and for good reason. Many awards have been won from Idaho Wineries.

Visit Idaho website has a fantastic list and travel tips to nearly all wineries the state has to offer. From vineyards that overlook the Snake River to Urban Wine here in the Treasure Valley and beyond. Check out the list and inspiration for your next Gem state wine adventure here. 

If you are not feeling inspired yet, check out this recent video from Sep 2020 from the Idaho Wine Commission...

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