How Dangerous Are Boise's Geese?
Have you ever been walking the Boise Greenbelt or been at a park with some sort of water feature and encountered an angry goose? The sound that they make and the speed at which a goose will charge is frightening! I grew up watching old movies like "The Birds" and more recent films …
How Much Are You There?
How many times do you check your smart phone in a day?  The average is, well, a lot.  It's less than a hundred times a day, but the number is still a shocker.
I Need More Time!
Time management, it’s not my strongest trait on most days.  Being a mom of three boys and having a busy career I often wonder if I could add more time to my day.  I could get a lot more accomplished if there were 28 hours in day!  According to ABCNews...