Lately, there aren't many things that Idahoans seem to agree on. Social media is full of squabbles about growth, COVID, politics, etc. However, most of us can agree that the housing market has changed drastically. 

As Idaho continues to grow there seems there seems to be new construction constantly filling up locations that used to be parking lots or fields. While new homes are certainly nice and provide fewer maintenance challenges than historic homes, they don't have they don't have the same charm as Idaho homes that were originally built at the turn of the century. Some of the newer neighborhoods feel very cookie cutter. There may be subtle tweaks to paint colors or materials used on the exteriors, but for me most part the homes are eerily similar to each other.

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That is certainly not the case with the 15 homes we're about to show you. No two are alike. Some are cottages. Some are old mills. Some are historic hotels. A handful of them have been given modern updates. Others have been fully restored. A few are real fixer uppers. The price range to buy one runs the gamut. On the low end, it could cost you $150,000. On the high end? You're looking at $1 million to live in Boise's east end.

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There's only one thing that all of these homes for sale have in common. Each of them is at least 120 years old. Some are even older! All of the homes in this gallery holds an interesting piece of history or sign of the times somewhere in their walls and they're fascinating! Go ahead and take a look around!

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The house in question is located at 2679 W Palouse Street and will set you back a cool $650,000. At 3,613 square feet, it's actually a better value per square foot than the cheapest and much smaller home on the market in Boise. It was built in 1949, but very much feels like it's stuck the '70s.

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