Watch any movie or TV Show where the main characters land in Hawaii. What are they instantly greeted with? A beautiful necklace of fresh flowers! 

In Hawaii, these leis are a symbol of hospitality, love, respect and aloha. Lei greetings are an impressive way to set the tone for your visit to the islands. We were really looking forward to ours when we got off the plane in Honolulu and were kind of surprised when we didn't get one.

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Turns out these airport lei greetings are only free in the movies. Hawaiian Airlines offers them as an add on to your trip for about $22. If you arrive on another airline, that doesn't have the upgrade there are other Hawaii based businesses that you can hire to greet you.

Even if they're not always free, we love the custom and started thinking about what Idaho could offer tourists as gifts when they fly into BOI. We asked our listeners for suggestions and you guys had us cracking up with your suggestions.

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Kyle suggested a freshly arrived, non-returnable Californian. That one gets messy. Does that transplant gift count as checked luggage or a carry-on on the return flight? After all, we're talking about gifts for visitors. They have to go back. We're full right now. Give us a few years for our roads and housing market to catch-up before you think about making your stay in Idaho permanent!

These options were a little more practical and just as good!

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