You already love listening to our station while you're on the job, so why not get paid for it?! Your chance to win cash, up to $10,000, returns on Monday, September 20! 

A few days ago, we asked how you would spend that money if you win the grand prize. We admire how responsible our listeners are! Many of you said you'd use it to pay some big bills like the mortgage, car payments or student loans. Others of you are dreaming of a vacation somewhere far, far away from Idaho. Some of you would love to make home improvements like replacing your floors or counters.

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Your sense of financial responsibility is commendable. We have far less self control and would love to do something slightly irresponsible with our winnings! Even if you wouldn't, it's always fun to dream about how to spend a lump some of cash and we thought up some very, very Idaho ways to do that!

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BTW, you'll need our station app to win up to $10,000 so do yourself a favor and download it now so you're all set to win on Monday after 8 a.m!

13 Very Idaho Ways to Spend $10,000

Hang out with us during the workday and we'll give you 10 chances a day to win cash - up to $10,000 starting September 20! Here's some ideas for how YOU could spend the money!

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