The babies are less than a month old and they're still hiding out in dens with their mothers, but the next time you go to Zoo Boise you might be lucky enough to see them peaking out in the South America exhibits.

The babies are called "kits.  Any guess what they are?

Zoo Boise says two female white-nosed coatis [pronounced co-AH-tee] each gave birth to six kits between them last month.  Four boys and two baby girls, and they'll spend another week or two in their dens with their mothers before really venturing out and letting us take selfies with them.  They were born May 10th, and the zoo says it's possible the mothers could occasionally take them outside into the exhibit where we can see them, but it sounds like that will be a a lucky day rather than the norm for awhile.

And there's a new baby penguin too.  It was a Magellanic penguin chick that hatched May 16th, and will eventually be moved to the Animal Health Complex where the zoo says it will learn to swim on its own before is starts mingling with the larger penguin colony which could happen later in the summer.  Maybe it can watch Happy Feet to get its bearings.

Zoo Boise is a fun place!  Nicole and JD from the New Mix Morning Show recently posted about their visit, and we'd love to hear about your experience too.  Especially if you happen to catch a glimpse of these new additions.