Last night Brenda and I actually got to bed a little after 8. Now considering we get up at three in the morning it allowed us almost 7 hours sleep. Before we went to bed, I made a grilled cheese sandwich, with sourdough bread, real butter and white cheddar cheese.  OMG is was incredible.  I also cleaned up not only my mess but the entire kitchen and had the dishwasher unloaded and ready to be loaded.

So I woke up to this.

kitchen 1

At least whoever made the mess left everything on the counter all ready to go, but really, you couldn't open the door and look to see if the dishwasher was unloaded?  I figure the main reason was fear, the fear they might have to unload the dishwasher. So by just leaving their dishes on the counter, it takes away that fear.

I loaded the dishes, added what Brenda and I used and started the dishwasher before we left the house.  I might understand if the others around the house were maybe 3, well "Em" is, so I'll let him off the hook. As for the others, I'll take a picture of what we walk into when we get home.

Next up, how long are you going to let your clean laundry sit there?

Kevin Mee

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