Charles Schwab, CEO Walt Bettinger  has a unique way to do interviews.  He goes to breakfast or lunch with the prospective employee, but he arrives early and arranges for their breakfast/lunch to be messed up. It's a way to see how the person handles things. Are they mean to the staff, understanding, what are they really like.

It all started with a college professor who taught him, basically when you think about others and not yourself, you will succeed. Well that's the basic of it. One of his greatest lessons happened in his last exam, that would ruin his perfect 4.GPA.  It would also be a lesson to recognize who does the real work.

After cramming for his final, he arrived to find a blank piece of paper and one question. "What's the name of the lady who cleans this building?" He didn't know the answer so he failed and got a B in the class. It had a powerful impact that runs his life to this day.

This is the kind of boss who really cares, the kind you want to work for, the kind who would have your back in in kind you would have his.

Do you know a boss like this? Recognize him here.

Kevin Mee

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