It's the dream job of a lifetime!! This man Boise man beat out over 8,000 applicants to become the Cancun Experience Officer!

His name is Ivan Nanney and he is going to be paid $10,000 a month for the next six months to vacation in Cancun while blogging, posting, and sharing his experience in Cancun and all that the city has to offer. It creates a whole new meaning to CEO. This guy is going to be living the high life all while being paid very well for it.

He'll be working for and it was an all out war to get the gig. Applicants came from 120 different countries.

On top of his $10,000 a month salary, according to KTVB, all of Ivan's expenses will be paid for! He'll make the move to his new home in Cancun in March.

Ivan you are making the Treasure Valley so proud and jealous. I'm going to brush up on my photo taking, blogging, and social media posting because if this opportunity comes around again I want a shot at it!

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