Getting tired of looking at the same four walls of your living room? This is the perfect chance to pour yourself a butter beer and escape to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 

Chatting with my sister last night, we both came to the conclusion that we're coming out of quarantine with no new skills, no organized rooms and no finished books. After our mom was admitted to the hospital for COVID-19, we've both been too distracted and scared to do much of anything beside sit around and stream things on Netflix or Disney+. The movies and television shows we're watching are a nice escape from the real world for a little while.

If you're finding solace the same way we are and you're a huge Harry Potter fan, check out this job opportunity! EDsmart is hiring up to five Muggles for a Harry Potter dream job! Those chosen by the Sorting Hat for the gig are asked to spend over 25 hours of their quarantine time watching all eight of the Harry Potter movies and two Fantastic Beast movies and either live-tweet or live stream their experience. The job pays $1000, which breaks down to about $41.50 an hour!

In addition to the $1000 paycheck, those chosen also get Harry Potter Butterbeer Caramel Corn, Harry Potter Jelly Gummy Candy Slugs, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans and Chocolate Crispy Frog, Gryffindor Snuggie, Hogwarts Alumni Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler and a $100 GrubHub gift card!

Think you're the right person for the gig? Click HERE to apply. The application process is open through May 15.


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