How many of you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to gaming?

It took me several months of dating him to realize that one of the ways my husband likes to relax and unwind is by playing hours of Plants vs Zombies. He's played the game for years and completely beat it multiple times. For years, I'd tease him by saying something like "Are you saving the world from the zombie apocalypse again?" when I'd see him playing it.

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Flash forward to COVID-19 coming to town and me having a lot of free time on my hands. At some point I reached the level of boredom where I googled "Does Slingo still exist?" I used to LOVE playing that game on AOL. To my surprise, it does still exist (without the creepy chat room where people were asking you for your a/s/l) as an app called Slingo Arcade. It's strangely addicting and I log-in everyday to beat my "daily challenges" and collect my return coins. I can no longer make fun of hubby. Slingo's my guilty pleasure.

If you were one of the lucky people to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch before the game system was sold out for months due to the pandemic, maybe your guilty pleasure is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you're wasting hours on playing the game, why not get paid for it? is looking for someone to fill their "Dream Job" position - playing 50 hours of Animal Crossing for $1,000! That works out to a rate of $20 an hour. To be considered for the job, you need to be at least 18, own a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite and an copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It doesn't matter if you're brand new to the game or are a master when it comes to building your village

If that sounds like you, click HERE to apply before August 6!

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