The FDA has been investigating cheese manufacturers and if they really are putting out the product they say they are. What they found out is eye opening.  It seems that pretty much every Parmesan Cheese spread contains WOOD!!!! Yes every time you sprinkle Parmesan cheese on your pizza, pasta, palm and lick it, OK, that one isn't me, it was a kid I went to college with, back to our story, you're eating WOOD.

Cheese manufacturers use an ingredient called cellulose to kind of fill and keep cheese from clumping. Now Clumping is great for cat litter, but not for shaker cheese. Problem is, cellulose is wood pulp, that's right you're eating a tree when you use shaker Parmesan cheese.

All the brands that had 100% Parmesan Cheese on the label had anywhere between 3.8% cellulose in Kraft Parmesan cheese to Jewel-Osco Parmesan cheese which had 8.8% wood/cellulose.

For some reason 2-4% cellulose is acceptable as an ingredient even though the label says "100% Parmesan Cheese."  That doesn't make much sense, if it doesn't contain 100% Parmesan Cheese, then it isn't 100% Parmesan Cheese and we are getting ripped off. Shoot some of the shaker cheese either didn't contain any Parmesan at all, even though it said it was.

Why this is a cheese ripoff. I think all shaker cheese should be removed from the shelf and at least properly labeled. Think of how many times you grabbed that shaker at a restaurant and added a great big tasty heapin' of wood to your pizza or pasta. We should have a free pizza/pasta day or week, sponsored by all the different shaker cheese makers to make up for eating wood.

I wonder what else is in shaker Parmesan cheese that isn't really Parmesan cheese. Want more on the story, From the FDA, whats considered Cheese.

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