Non-profit World Relief, based in Baltimore, has announced that they will be closing their Boise office in the near future.  This also means approximately 140 staff will be displaced.

The charity says this is a direct response to President Donald Trump's executive order that cuts the number of refugees granted access to make the United States their permanent home.

The executive order that was signed last month has faced challenges in court, but also clearly lays out the plans of the Trump Administration to limit the number of refugees who the United States will admit.  In fact, it will be capped at 50,000 for 2017, down from 110,000 the prior year.

World Relief had assisted with settlement for refugees in our area.  Other offices in their system will close too, including ones in Maryland, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee.

The charity says the decision to close these offices was not performance-based, but instead, the reality of less people to help and less funding available as well.  The organization does say they will continue their work, albeit with some reconfiguration of their system.

The offices closing, including our local Boise office have resettled 25,000 refugees in their time in operation.

The closure of the office here in the Treasure Valley wont happen immediately.  Instead, a date will be finalized sometime between now and September.  They are attempting to take care of all active clients and provide employees with time to arrange for their next steps as well.

You can find more on this story from our news partners, KTVB Newschannel 7.

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