I know, I know. You'll believe when you see it. 

You've seen the Groundhog meme making it's way around social media. "Six more weeks of winter," it shouts in the top image. It further clarifies "Except you, Idaho. Your weather does its own thing" in the bottom image, holding up it's hand. It's true. Typically Idaho has 12 seasons including winter, fool's spring, second winter, spring of deception and third winter. But this year? It seemed like Mother Nature was going to deprive us of any winter...until this afternoon.

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There's a series of winter storms heading our way and we'll likely see our first significant snowfall since November 8 over the next few days. But how much? According to Kody Wilson, founder of Treasure Valley Weather HQ, it's possible that Boise could see anywhere between one to four inches of snow through Sunday.

Many consider Wilson to be THE most accurate forecaster in our area after the events leading up to Snowpocalypse 2017. He launched his now wildly popular Facebook page days before the storm hit the weekend of January 7, 2017.

Wilson and former Channel 2 meteorologist Vin Crosby (who now hosts The Weather Show with Meteorologist Vin Crosby on YouTube) were the only two sources that correctly one of the most dangerous winter weather patterns in the Treasure Valley.  They were right about how bad things were going to get that weekend from horrible road conditions, to trees and carports collapsing and the eventual flooding from snow melt.

He'll update his forecast ahead of the next storm headed our way overnight Sunday into Monday.

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