I wish I was being dramatic when I say that I sat at the longest red light of my entire life the other day. I wish I was being dramatic when I also say that the light lasted for longer than 12 minutes!! 12 MINUTES!

I had an appointment scheduled at 3:30. According to my GPS, it was only supposed to take me 18 minutes to get from my apartment to the salon so I left a little before 3:10. I ended up being 14 minutes late all because of a stupid red light. Can you guess where at?

One of the busiest intersections in all of Treasure Valley of course, if not the busiest - Eagle and Franklin Road. Long waits at red lights are pretty typical here, I know that. This was on and another level though. After 5 minutes I thought it was a little ridiculous and started questioning what was happening. After 9 minutes I noticed that the traffic light pattern had skipped the left turning lanes that I was in TWICE! By 12 minutes, I dipped and ran the red light on as 5 lane intersection.

Truly, I felt like it was my only option and other cars followed suit too. I could not sit there all day. I was already running so late to my appointment for waiting there too long.  The crazier part is that the red light actually lasted longer than 12 minutes because that's just the amount of time I sat there before I ran it.

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