The plan has been set for some time but construction is getting set to begin on Idaho's most confusing, but most efficient intersection.

This makes the thru-turn at Cole & Victory look like children's play! The continuous flow intersection at Eagle Road and ID-44 has been planned for some years but is now getting ready to begin construction for a summer 2021 completion. The idea is to reduce traffic wait times by making the intersection more efficient. I think once everyone gets it figured out, it'll be more efficient but I also think there will be a learning curve for us Idahoans. Take a look at this video from the Idaho Department of Transportation to get a clearer idea of how this whole thing will work.

These engineers sure do get creative when it comes to planning these things though. The other wild one is the "Thru Turn" at Cole & Victory, have you been through that yet? These are all signs that our community is growing at a pretty rapid rate. There are also early discussions about a possible light rail coming to the Treasure Valley. But when I mean early, I mean real early as that project is still a full 20 years away, but with major infrastructure projects like that, it can take long periods of time and lots of projecting to estimate what the population will be like in 20 more years.

The Idaho Department of Transportation has a whole slew of projects like this that you can get a sneak peak of here!

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