There's nothing like the taste of barbecue with an ice-cold drink on a nice sunny day. Seriously though, March has to be one of the greatest months of all time. You have St. Patrick's Day, you got spring break, and of course, you got March Madness. What's the best food to pair your March shenanigans with? Barbecue of course.

We wanted to know where the best place is to get the juiciest and best barbecue in the Treasure Valley. We're not just looking at the briskets and sausages either, oh no. We're also looking at the sides. You can't have the "best barbecue in Idaho" if you don't have the best sides to go with it.

The jury's out on what the best barbecue side is but I will admit I'm largely biased towards macaroni and cheese... the liquid gold that prances and dances through our dreams. There's just something about biting into a delicious piece of barbecue meat then following it with hot, creamy mac and cheese that will make anyone's mouth water.

It doesn't just have to be a standard barbecue plate either, maybe you're into what the folks over at BBQ4Life are doing with their BBQ sandwiches -- which look amazing by the way. Or maybe, you're like me and are obsessed with the holy grail of barbecue: brisket. Neighborhood Tim's brisket looks like something Zeus himself would serve to gods of Olympus but so does Big Daddy's BBQ's brisket. The question lingers... who has the best BBQ in the Treasure Valley?

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