Of these choices, which barbecue type would you say fits Idaho:  Texas, Kansas City, Memphis, North Carolina, or South Carolina style?  None, right?!  Idaho is carving its own niche when it comes to smoked sausage and pulled pork.

Oh, there's something so incredibly comforting about Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. She's soothing and witty, and even though she hates bananas with a passion and will never include them in a recipe, she still makes me happy.  I'm not a huge fan of floral patterns so we're even.  But, Pioneer Woman floral patterns on plates do seem to make avocado toast taste better.

The Pioneer Woman posted on her blog, The Most Popular BBQ Styles in Every State, and for Idaho, she said we prefer Texas-style.  Really?!  Okay, now we've got trouble.  BBQ Revolution said Texas-style BBQ was the number one choice in 33 states, including Idaho. Kansas City-style and North Carolina-style tied for second with 6 states each, followed by Memphis style. Only one state thought South Carolina-style was the best, and that was, well, South Carolina.

So, what's the difference, really?  Texas-style barbecue focuses on low and slow cooking, with a light dry rub, according to BBQ Revolution.  Kansas City-style uses a thick, sweet sauce, heavy on molasses.  North Carolina-style includes a thin vinegar sauce while cooking and as a dipping sauce after.  South Carolina-style uses a mustard-based sauce.  Memphis-style relies on a dry rub, heavy on the paprika.

Idaho might include a little bit of all of those styles, and we are okay with it.  When R&R BBQ opened last year at The Village at Meridian, the Idaho Statesman talked with the owner, who said they've coined the term, "Rocky Mountain barbecue," which includes highlights from all of their favorite styles around the country.  They've got the usual beef brisket and smoked chicken, and then they turn a corner and go with smoked bacon-wrapped meatloaf because why not.  Oh, and tons of ribs and pulled pork.  It's all good.

R&R BBQ first popped up in Utah in 2011 and opened a store at the former Corner Bakery location at The Village in Meridian in 2020.  They're planning to open another location at 150 N. 8th St. in downtown Boise on the second floor of the Main + Marketplace building later this year.

One thing that's always served with Texas-style barbecue is banana pudding, much to Ree Drummond's dismay.  Sometimes it's in enormous sheet pans with enough pudding, bananas, and vanilla wafers to feed a football team.  Or a mom with a spoon. And it's on the menu at R&R BBQ too.

Summer is coming, and it's time to grill!  In whatever way you choose to do it.

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