Many of us have probably seen the Idaho Potato Comission's giant traveling potato, either around town, at a BSU game, or maybe even a national tv appearance.  Now, you could stay inside it. 

That's right, the massive six-ton potato is going to be converted into a vacation rental.  Sign me up.

A woman from Boise has made plans to turn the iconic Russet into a "mini" vacation rental.

The potato has been on the road across the country since it was created in 2011.  It originally was designed to commemorate the Idaho Potato Comission's 75th anniversary, and it has outlasted it's original planned usage of only one year.

Structural concerns led the Commission to create a new potato for the truck, and to donate the current to Kristie Wolfe.  She says she plans to convert and then rent (through AIrbnb) the 200-square-foot mini rental.

She has experience as a tiny home builder, and had been hoping to make this happen for some time.

I would be ALL for a night in the potato, and look forward to it being completed.

For more on the background to the story and how the pieces came together, check out more from US News & World Report.



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