Were you straddling the fence trying to make the decision to sign up for a MoviePass subscription?  Their latest update may sway your decision. 

Did you see Avengers: Infinity War with tickets from your MoviePass card? Were you looking forward to using it again for Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Incredibles 2 or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? You may just want to slow your roll, Tootsie Roll. If you're a new MoviePass subscriber, you'll have to carefully pick and choose which movies you see using the service.

In March, the service lowered it's monthly to just $6.95 and allowed users to see one standard screen movie per day.  That means you had the potential to see 30 movies for less than the cost of one actual movie ticket per month.  As of April 13, that option is no longer available to new subscribers.

If you want to sign up for MoviePass now, you'll have to do so for the price of $9.95 a month and you'll only be able to see four movies per month.  According to LifeHacker, if you really enjoy a certain movie, you might not be able to see it twice with MoviePass tickets.  The blog notes that the subscription service hasn't revealed which films will fall under that restriction.

So what about Treasure Valley MoviePass users who already purchased the card while it was still offering unlimited movies? The good news for you is that you're grandfathered in to the old deal.  According to The Verge, you may eventually be asked to upload  photo of your ticket stub to help MoviePass cut down on fraud and make sure that it's sustainable for the long haul.  If you fail to do that, they could actually cancel your subscription and bar you from applying from a new one.  It's all in the updated Terms of Service.

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