Last night, my friends from Team Run Boise went to the Backstage Bistro at Village Cinemas after our workout and I realized just how many movies I'm excited to see before the end of 2017!

The big screen inside the Bistro had trailers for upcoming features on loop and there are a lot of great films that I'm actually excited to see coming out this fall.  My fiance jokes that I'm "cinematically challenged" because I haven't seen nearly as many movies as he has.  That's largely because a night at the movies has become so expensive.  When I was in college, we were lucky enough to have a small movie theater on campus that would show two FREE second run movies a weekend.  Even the popcorn was free! But after graduation, I was living paycheck to paycheck at my first full time job so I didn't have an extra $15 to spend on seeing the weekend's newest release.  Even now, a date night at the movies costs Nate and I $40+ after tickets and snacks. If you've got a family with a couple kiddos, I can't even imagine how much going to see the newest animated flick sets you back!

That's why MoviePass is a game changer in the Treasure Valley! Buy your MoviePass card and for just $9.95 a month, you're able to see one movie a day, every single day for as long as you keep your membership.  Now if you're thinking it's too good to be true and that there's got to be a catch somewhere...there is, but it's not a deal breaker for me.  The passes aren't valid for 3D or IMAX showings and they will hold you to the one movie a day limit.  When you consider the subscription basically pays for itself after the first movie you see, it's not hard to deal with that restriction.

Even better? MoviePass is accepted at all the big theaters in the Treasure Valley including Village Cinema, Edwards, The Majestic and The Flicks!

I've eagerly been waiting to see Kingsman 2: The Gold Circle when it comes out next month and with the new Thor, Justice League and Stars Wars movies on their way before the end of 2017, I know we'll be planning more movie date nights! I'm willing to give MoviePass a try! What about you?

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