Last week, we introduced you to the three snakes you're most likely to meet while enjoying a hike in the Boise Foothills. You may be up to speed on what to look for, but how do you keep your pup safe from Idaho's venomous snakes?

Hands down, my favorite trails to run are the ones in the Harrison Hollow trail system not far from Bogus Basin Road.  If you've got a pup that loves to run, this is great place to let them explore off leash.  I run into friendly off leash dogs almost every time I'm out there! Unfortunately, it's also the only trail where I've run into some pretty big snakes.

On an controlled off-leash trail, owners are supposed to stay within 30 feet of their dogs and have them under strict sight and voice control.  Incidents with snakes can happen quickly, more quickly than you can catch up with your pet once you notice the snake. In a perfect world, your dog would know what to look for and avoid a snake if they catch up with one.

Luckily, there's a few classes you can take them to where they'll learn exactly that! The Idaho Chukar Foundation is offering a course designed to teach your dog to avoid the sight, sound and smell of rattlesnakes this Saturday, June 1 at Julia Davis Park. When you dog attends, the experienced dog handlers will git them with a remote controlled electronic collar. If Fido becomes fixated on a snake, they'll get a quick, unpleasant shock similar to what you might experience if you rub your socks on carpet and then touch someone. Most of the dogs learn to avoid snakes withing 15 minutes through this course. There is a fee for the course, but you can add additional dogs from the same family to your registration at a discounted rate HERE.

If you're unable to make Saturday's course, Idaho Fish and Game is teaming up with Idaho Veterinary Hospital next Sunday, June 9 for their rattlesnake avoidance training at Veterans Memorial Park.  The pre-registered spots are sold out, but they may be able to accommodate walk-ups in order of arrival. They also offer rattlesnake vaccine for dogs for just $15 per dose during their course.

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