This picture was taken after dinner so there was no sucking my gut in at all, but dang it was gooooooood.

Saturday night we got to go out with two other couples on a date night.  We met at Angels Bar and Grill in downtown Boise and then went to the Boise Philharmonic.

Now I can be all, pasteurized, homogenized and martinized, but being culturalized is a whole different beast, I mean cloth napkins, they look were so pretty I didn't know whether to use them or use my sleeve. Since I wasn't wearing long sleeves, that choice was made for me.

Brenda and I had arrived at Angell's a little earlier than our couples so we could make sure everything was set. Then our couples arrived Shantel and Jason.  Shantel told us Jason's mom really wanted to go, but Jason wasn't ready for anyone to be her date but him.  Besides if nothing else since he was a horse person and we were too, we would have something to talk about.

The other couple Lauri and Michael showed up a few minutes later...well right after I called their house and scared their daughter asking for her mom. Lauri is a stay at home mom and really needed a night out.  We did find out that Lauri and Michael used to ballroom dance enough they even went on tour.

I think both couples would say we had a wonderful evening.  We enjoyed Angel'ls and the many different and tasty flavors, The Jumbo Prawns and  the Cantonese Chicken Salad are a couple of our favorites and there was enough to share so we did, kind of family style.

Brenda had Salmon and I had the Schweizerschnitzel. I had no idea what it was and neither does my computer, it doesn't want to let me spell it. I can now take Schweizerschnitzel off my bucket list, but if I go back to Angell's Bar and Grill it will be on my go to list.

Ladies, there is also a young waiter named Zach, who not only is easy on the eyes according to the women in our group, but he sings opera and does it very well.  From the looks of things he is single too.

We made it to the Morrison Center to find great seats for the concert.  Lauri and Michael showed up about a minute after Brenda and I, but Shantel and Jason were No-Shows.  The concert was supposed to start at 8pm and no Shantel or Jason.  We were about to give up on them when they arrived. Shantel was laughing saying "you were taking bets on if we were going to make it.", we joked that I had to pay up.

The sounds that our Boise Philharmonic can make are flat out elegant and incredible.  Even Jason, who is more comfortable at a Big and Rich concert than the Boise Philharmonic, even enjoyed it and didn't fall asleep. To me it's amazing how 20 violins, playing together can sound like just one great big rich sounding violin.  The Boise Philharmonic is something to experience at least once.

We will be doing some sort of date night for the Boise Philharmonic's Christmas Concert, so I would suggest you like 107.9 Lite Fm on Facebook (click here) and become a              Lite Online VIP Member (click here), that way you will be updated when we do this kind of thing again.

To Lauri, Michael, Shantel and Jason, It was great getting to know you and hope you had as good an evening as we did.  Thanks for being a part of the 107.9 Lite Fm Family.

Kevin Mee