Feeling like a vacation in the best state ever? Idaho of course. When you need a vacation but don't want to fly or go super far, lucky for us there are unbelievable places to visit in the gem state. From some of the most amazing lakes, hot springs, and natural landscape dotted with cozy and unique Airbnbs to explore.

According to Territory Supply, "no matter what your ideal vacation encompasses, you’re bound to love one of these Idaho Airbnbs. Check out the list below to find the perfect next Idaho getaway. From in-town retreats to remote glamping experiences, this list has some of the best and most unique Airbnbs in Idaho.

Here are the top 8 according to Territory Supply.


Top 8 Idaho Airbnbs for the Perfect Stay-Cation

Here are the top 8 according to Territory Supply. There are multiple photos for each Airbnb home to check out.

Explore Idaho's Teepee House in Cascade

Idaho has so many unique homes thanks to its unique residents. Did you know there was a teepee house in Cascade Idaho? It is considered a tiny home with only 826 square feet. This cozy cone shaped home makes quite a statement in Cascade. Thanks to realtor.com we got to see photos of the inside.

The Castles of Idaho

When you think of Idaho you most likely don't think of fairytales or kings and queens in big castles. However, medieval architecture, drawbridges, gargoyles, knights armor, towers, and even secret passages can be found right here in Idaho.

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