Sherry, Tonya and Christine all took time out of their hazardous morning commute to keep our listeners updated on how bad the roads were from Boise to the 2C this morning.  The late season snowfall wasn't just responsible for multiple slide-offs, it set a new weather record.

I feel so bad being the jerk that ordered a pizza in the middle of the snow coming down on Thursday morning.  With as bad as the roads were, there was no way I was willing to get in my car and drive to lunch! Even worse? My computer auto corrected our address to Parkcenter instead of Park and the poor delivery gal ended up having to find me out of the range of the store I ordered from. I owe her my undying gratitude for dashing through the snow.

When this first round of the storm was all said and done, KTVB said that there were 91 wrecks, 20 slide-offs and 30 stalled cars reported in Ada County alone.  Things looked a little better to the west as there were only 13 wrecks in Canyon County. Not only did the snowfall wreak havoc on the roadways, it set a new weather record.

The National Weather Service in Boise measured 4.9" of snow at the airport at 10 a.m. shattering the 106 year record for snow on February 22. The last time Boise saw 4" of snow on this day was in 1912.

The storm that hit us this morning has moved out of the area, but another one is expected this weekend. The Treasure Valley could see an additional 1-3" of snow on Saturday.

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